Public body perception is changing! … thanfully!

I am each time very very happy whenever I stumble upon public (televised) declarations such as this one below, in which gorgeous women accept their body just the way it is and avoid getting into the trap of outside standards.
I myself, have had a distorted body image and I am still working on improving it and really getting to terms with myself. I believe that the main issue here is that we look and we rely too much on the “outside”, on what people think and believe about ourselves. Instead, the main work should be within us. Skinny is the natural body look for just a small percentage of women. One should get the feeling of his own body and learn how to listen to it, to its needs.
There are two issues really: your natural body size and having extra kilos, which are very specific to each individual. Having this in mind, the fat/thin discourse gets very nuanced …
to be continued …


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